Corn School: ‘Aha moments’ in your fields

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Richardson acquires European Oat Millers

Richardson International is expanding its oat milling business and its presence in Europe.

CGC has recommended reduced user fees for 2017-18 crop year (amended)

Editor’s note: The earlier version of this story said the federal government had approved a reduction in user fees for the 2017-18 crop year earlier this week, according to the .

FarmLead launches new basis negotiation feature

FarmLead, North America’s Grain Marketplace, announced today the launch of the FarmLead Basis Negotiation feature on its leading trade platform.

Merged Agrium, PotashCorp company to be named “Nutrien”

The company formed from the proposed merger of PotashCorp and Agrium will be known as Nutrien, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Three friends meet in Georgia for ice cream and NAFTA trilateral ag meeting

For all the tough talk from the White House with trade negotiations looming later this summer, the first in-person meeting between the top agriculture officials for Canada, the U.

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RealAg Radio, June 26: Outstanding Young Farmers, rootless corn, & tips for spraying fusarium fungicide

June 26 Agronomy Monday radio podcast highlights:Saskatchewan’s newly-crowned Outstanding Young Farmers, Derek and Tannis Axten; Canadian Grain Commission Commissioner Lonny McKague on plans to reduce CGC user fees and differences in .

RealAg Radio, June 23: Drew Lerner, Lyle Stewart & Wheat Grower panel

Friday’s radio podcast, hosted by Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner, from the final day of the Farm Progress Show in Regina — highlights:Meteorologist Drew Lerner’s weather outlook for the prairies .

RealAg Radio, June 22: Wheat Pete in Western Canada, and Day 2 of Farm Progress Show

Wheat Pete joins Shaun and Kelvin for today’s show, from day two of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina.

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R-CALF rhetoric pushes to have COOL reinstated

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