LastOpenHighLowNet Change% Change
Wheat Dec '15Up526.5000525.7500526.7500525.0000+0.2500+0.0500
Canola Nov '15Down476.5000476.7000477.0000476.1000-0.6000-0.1300
Corn Dec '15Up398.5000397.5000399.0000397.2500+0.2500+0.0600
Soybeans Nov '15Up890.0000887.2500890.5000886.0000+2.0000+0.2300
Live Cattle Dec '15Up133.2250129.8750133.2250128.7500+3.0000+2.3000
Lean Hogs Dec '15Up66.725065.150067.075065.0500+2.0000+3.0900
Crude Oil WTI Nov '15Up49.330049.000049.670048.6900+0.8000+1.6500
Canadian Dollar Dec '15Up0.76790.76720.76820.7659+0.0016+0.2100
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