Lately there has been alot of focus on the increased need for more money to go into feed grain research in Canada. With provincial and federal funding decreasing over the past 10 years it is imperative that this change. Probably the most pressing concern is that the corn industry is focused on continuing to push corn yields higher. Trust me when I tell you that 300 bushel corn is in the sights of all the global breeders and will become reality. The challenge for the rest of the feed grains industry is when we do have 300 bushel corn how do we keep barley competitive. With more and more genetics in the lower CHU ranges many farmers have the option to plant corn that realistically never did before. As an industry we must quickly consider how we are going to ensure that crop types like barley remain viable as a feed grain. And that conversation all begins with figuring out how to get more money into feed grains breeding and research.

One thought on “The Goal is 300 Bushel Corn

  1. That’s right, now even you can grow cheap grain and not get paid for it. Line up, buy those inputs boys. We’ll tell you what to pay. Then we’ll tell you what you’
    ll get. HAHAHAHAHA.

    We need to stop supporting this overproduction underpriced movement. We need to get paid for our production wheather it’s 100 bushels or 500 bushels. Someone’s getting rich and it’s not the farmer. Stop production so much. Cut back on your inputs and make people pay for their food.

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