Crop Week – Selecting a Seed Variety

There has been a lot of discussion at CropWeek today about seed varieties. Whether it is corn, canola, wheat or barley, there are some key fundamental criteria that you should use to make the right variety selection decision. I am sure that every farmer has different criteria and puts different levels of importance on each point but the fundamental basis of decision making is present. I wanted to get the perspective of someone that sits on the otherside of the fence. Jim Downey, Research Manager at Secan works with breeders around the world to bring new genetics to the market so that farmers have access to the latest and greatest in cereal seed vareties.

I sat down with Jim Downey to see how he thinks farmers typically select a seed variety. I think that Jim really hits the nail on the head in the fact that yield, soil zone, annual rainfall and availability are all greatly important when selecting a seed variety in any crop type. Depending on your situation or the annual conditions you may change the weighting of your criteria.

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Shaun Haney

Shaun grew up on a family seed farm in Southern Alberta. Haney Farms produces, conditions and retails wheat, barley, canola and corn seed. Shaun Haney is the founder of @shaunhaney


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sylvester john lahai

i got a problem with seed availiability.u can have as many yeilds as possible but incase the seeds are infested with pathogens,probably he meant VIABILITY-has a grate potential in plan physiology,morphology and yield


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