Fertilizer prices have been on the minds of farmers all winter and that trend still continues into the spring. Almost every single day on RealAgriculture.com the fertilizer label or a fertilizer story is the most viewed page. I checked out Google Trends and the data on the search for the word fertilizer. You can type any word into Google Trends and it will provide you with search data back. When you look up fertilizer search over the last 12 months, Canada ranks 7th in the world behind countries like Pakistan and India to name a few. The top five cities in Canada for search of “fertilizer” in the last 12 months are Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The fertilizer buzz has died slightly but it still seems to be forging ahead as we get closer to spring. In one week Ag Expo in Lethbridge, Alberta begins and it will be interesting to get a better sense of where farmers and dealers think the price is headed in the short and medium term.

2 thoughts on “Fertilizer Still the Top Topic For Farmers

  1. The biggest worry that Western Canadian farms should have right now is the recent announcement that Agrium is making at bid to purchase CF Industries (which is located in Medicine Hat, AB). With this purchase would give Agrium basically complete control of the fertilizer market in Western Canada. I hope that growers will focus on writing to their MP’s and MLA’s so that this deal isn’t just swept under the table and giving us little to no options for fertilizer purchases.

  2. now with the spring coming all farmers are curious to know about the fertilizer prices. I hope the prices don’t rise too much. Thanks for posting.

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