Canola School: Field Selection, Seeding Speed, Seeding Rate

In this segment Matt Stanford walks us through the key points in field selection, the proper canola seeding speed and obtaining the proper seeding rate. All three things are key factors in getting a great stand. In canola growing, cutting corners can cause pain through the growing season.


Shaun Haney

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Rick Taillieu

An extra half mile an hour of seeding speed often cause more trouble than its worth.

In all my years working with direct seeding systems when I was with Reduced Tillage LINKAGES we always witnessed seed placement and fertilizer separation from the seed was always comprimised as the speed increases. More ground speed requires more fan speed which causes more seed bounce and the potential for seed damage.

Last year we observed many fields where producers were feeling they were behind in the spring so they grabbed another gear – only to have those fields be the most uneven at maturity because of the uneven depth. That in turn made timing of swathing even harder to judge and profitability was likely lower in the end.

Great job on the Canola School Videos!

Matt and all the CCC agronomists are a great resource available to all canola growers across the prairies. It is their check-off or levy dollars paid to the provincial commissions that enable the Canola Council to keep a team of top-notch Canola Specialists on staff.

Keep up the great work!

Rick Taillieu
Alberta Canola Producers

Shaun Haney

Thank you for the kind comments and I;m glad that everyone is enjoying the videos so much. Thanks.


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