I had the the opportunity to sit down with Earl Geddes, Vice President of Farmer Services, Canadian Wheat Board at the International Livestock Congress. Earl and I discussed some of the new markets and services being developed by the board for farmers. I also asked Earl about how different demographics are using the boards programs and what they are doing as a company to address that.

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3 thoughts on “ILC 2009: Earl Geddes – VP at CWB – Developing Innovative Services and Markets For the Western Canadian Farmers

  1. It's a real stretch to refer to the CWB. as a company. It's a government imposed monopoly designed to ensure federal government control of the western grain industry, no amount of "innovative programs" will change that. The only way to develop programs that will serve producers is to let the free market work.

  2. That is one way to put it Wendy. I also believe taht farmers should have the ability to choose wear they sell their wheat. I do think though that based on the fact we have the board as our grain marketer we should take the time to expolore all the marketing options the board does offer.

  3. "develop programs" and "let the free market work" is an oxymoron. I assume you are also against those government imposed monopolies such as dairy, broiler, egg and turkey supply management as well as agencies such as the medical and dental associations.

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