Fall is my favorite season of the year because of the beautiful sunsets, mild weather, kids going back to school, NFL football starts and its HARVEST.

Harvest is a great time of year.  Harvest is about the celebration of agriculture.  It is when the fruits of all the farmers hard work is realized.  There are long hours and much adversity through the growing season which creates massive challenges for farmers.  Harvest is when all of this hard work pays off and the farmer finally gets to put the crop in the bin and reach that sense of accomplishment and accolade.

“When will you be finished?  How much more to go?  How’d the winter wheat do?”  These are the questions thrown around at harvest time in every rural area in North America.

I encourage you to take a deep breath during this time of year and just savour the moment of all the tranquility harvest provides.  To me this is the crazy thing about harvest.  Farmers are so busy with all the work that needs to be done but at the same time harvest is calming like the dust settling at the end of the day on the horizon.

Enjoy the moment…harvest is here

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