Gordon Cove – The Strategic Priorities of Alberta Livestock Meat Agency (ALMA)


I was fortunate earlier this week to meet with the President & CEO of the Alberta Livestock Meat Agency, Gordon Cove.

My interview is broken into two parts and I hope that you find it interesting and look upon it objectively.  No matter where your meat politics reside you have to admit that the Alberta government has taken a very bold step to try and accomplish some very lofty objectives for the livestock and meat sector as a whole.

In the following video we discuss the four strategic priorities of ALMA.  I tried to get a firmer understanding of  the four priorities from the standpoint of what they really mean to the primary producer.

I found that these priorities are quite broad and  naturally encompass all aspects of the meat and livestock value chain.  The meat and livestock industry has massive challenges to overcome in the short and long term.  Whether it was BSE, H1N1 or other negative press, the industry has struggled to survive.  The objective of this Alberta initiative is to bring the meat and livestock industry to a level of financial sustainability for all stakeholders.  Some people in Alberta believe in this initiative and some don’t but the reality is that it is bold and you cannot argue with that.

I hope that you enjoy part 1 of the interview and it sheds light on some of your questions or concerns regarding ALMA.  I encourage you to leave comments or questions to enable discussion on the strategic priorities of ALMA.  Part two will be published in the coming days.


Shaun Haney

Shaun grew up on a family seed farm in Southern Alberta. Haney Farms produces, conditions and retails wheat, barley, canola and corn seed. Shaun Haney is the founder of RealAgriculture.com. @shaunhaney


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My biggest concern about ALMA is the lack of short term impact on the industry. If we don’t fix the short term problems, none of us will be left to experience the great future ALMA could create for our beef.


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