CropWeek 2010 – New Developments in RTK Technology

In my mind precision farming really is increasing efficiency to levels or grandfathers never imagined.  One of the tools used by some is RTK.  RTK is incredibly accurate down to the inch.  I saw this last year with my own eyes when a customer of mine seeded his winter wheat inter row (between last years stubble).  This is the ultimate in zero disturbance when you are not even tearing up last years stubble.  The stand was amazing and was possibly the best winter wheat crop I have ever seen coming into spring.  With the high cost of fuel, fertilizer, herbicides and repairs, many farmers cannot afford to eyeball their passes anymore.  Dropping foam is not an option anymore when you have the accuracy of RTK available to your farm.

I chatted with Tiffany Dancho from Raven Industries about why farmers are using RTK and about Raven’s new RTK SlingShot system that utilizes cell phone towers.

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Shaun Haney

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George Lubberts

Hey Shaun,

About that inter row seeding, according to Ken Coles of SARA, even without any sort of guidance, about 85% of the time we are seeding in between the rows without trying. I guess that makes sense when using 1″ openers on 7″ centers, there is 6/7 of the area that has no stubble from last year.


Ken Coles

We were using guidance on A+ lines. We just weren’t trying to do inter-row seeding and were at 85% by chance. The interesting thing is that we didn’t get any improvement on plant stand establishment comparing inter-row to on the row.



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