NCBA10 – What is Umami? – Dave Zino

To me there is no better eating experience than eating beef.  Dave Zino is the Executive Chef with the NCBA and is responsible for spreading the word about cooking beef.  Dave travels North America educating and making sure that people understand the true beef eating experience.  The NCBA and the Beef Information Center both strive to educate the consumer to make sure that they fully enjoy the beef eating experience.  No matter if you are a novice or someone that cooks beef three times a week, Dave has very interesting points to make sure you enjoy the product.

Dave has a great demonstration that he gives about umami.  Please watch the video below to fully understand umami and what makes beef so tasty.  I especially like the part in the video where he discusses how you can enhance the umami experience by eating or drinking certain things along with the beef.

Every time I meet Dave I  learn something new about eating beef.  For more information on eating beef (recipes and more) check out or the Beef Information Center (Canadian site)

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Shaun Haney

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