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Dennis McKnight, The Innovators, spoke at Tiffin Conference 2010 about the ability of the Canadian beef industry to compete globally.  Dennis has clients around the world who he assists in developing markets for their products. Dennis believes that Canadian beef can compete but we may need to rethink how we tackle the tasks at hand to ensure export growth.

Dennis provides his evaluation of how Canadians market beef currently and how he feels we need to be much more aggressive instead of playing by traditional stereotypes.  Dennis believes that we need to focus more on hormone free and natural beef products to begin to access more markets in Europe.

One thought on “Tiffin 2010 – Can Canadian Beef Compete Globally?

  1. Good comments Dennis. Canadians don’t do a good job of marketing and they do an even worse job of selling beef to customers both locally and globally. There are those that call themselves marketers, however and of course no one wants to be in sales. If we want to sell beef to global customers we need to build the product, market it and sell the product. Come on Canadian beef producers get serious about creating demand. We can’t compete in the commodity markets as low price producers and price takers.

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