There is a very large mainstream interest in food and how it is produced.  As a result, agriuculture practices have never been under so much scrutiny and inspection from the general public.  Studies show that farming is a very trusted profession by the masses but there are still some highly critical opponents.  In many ways agriculture is battling the perception of farming and ranching as a “back 40” sort of occupation.  We have all seen the farmer portrayed in movies and TV with denim bib coveralls, a straw hat,  and a few teeth missing.  Farming is one of the most technologically advanced professions in the world and as an industry we need to communicate that more effectively.  Famers use satellite imagery, blackberries, auto steer, and facilitate the use of genomic research.

At the Tiffin Conference I spoke to Ben Graham, VP at AdFarm about how the industry is striving to market agriculture to the consumer better and in more emotional ways.

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