Has Corn Bottomed?

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The supply demand report was released this week in the United States.  The result has been a new found bullish feeling in regards to the corn market.  It seems that the volatility in the corn market is going to continue in 2010 based on some of the comments I am hearing from different analysts.  with corn having an equal chance of having a three to a six in front of it depending on which way the wind is blowing, farmers and livestock producers just try and stay on the right side of the trade for their operations.  I am hearing from both farmers and livestock producers mass confusion on what will be the direction of the corn markets.  Farmers want to sell at the high and livestock producers want to lock in at the lows.  My guess is that this market seems to want to react to any report on supply and demand.  Having said that, there could be real opportunities for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of swings in the market.

See the March 2010 contract chart

I am providing you with three interviews so that you can form your own questions and conclusions.  Personally I have no idea where the 52 week high or low will be in corn but I am sure that we will expend a tonne of time trying to help you figure it out.

Jonathan Driedger, FarmLink Marketing Solutions – Has Corn Bottomed?

Moe Agostino, Farms.com – Has Corn Bottomed?

Listen to Jim Bower, President of Bower Trading – Courtesy of agweb.com


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