Want to know how to increase your spring wheat yield by 40%?  Looking for a way to spread out the seeding of your spring crops?  If you are in an area of Canada that is applicable to frost seeding the rewards can be high but it is definitely not a simple process.

I talked to Peter Johnson from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), about some of the benefits of frost seeding and the key considerations before you get stared.  We talk about the proper frost seeding conditions, timing, the ideal equipment, seeding rates and the need for seed treatment.

Have you tried frost seeding on your farm?  Did  you have success?  What are some things that you would suggest to other growers to ensure they have success with frost seeding?

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3 thoughts on “Wheat School: Frost Seeding Spring Wheat

  1. I was wondering about fertilizer for frost seeding. Since it is no tilled into the ground how much different would the fertilizer recomindation be for this vs when you can work the soil prior to planting and incorperate fertilizer.
    -Is broadcasting an option and if not would we up the starter levels to get that plant going?
    -Is a liquid pop-up starter enough?
    -Would a dry fertilizer starter be better with higher phosphorus levels to get the roots going and then broadcasting nitrogen later be the way to go?



  2. Nic, You can treat your frost seeded wheat the same as dry planting. Seed applied phosphorus fertilizers are highly recommended as they are far more effective than broadcast fertilizers.

    You should definetly spread additional N later. Definetly consider potash depending on soil test levels as well.

    Liquid fertilizer as a seed placed starter will work fine Nicholas.

  3. Depending on how it goes this spring this may be something to try out west. Both for the sake of trying something new and also out of necessity

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