Mother's Day on the Farm is Everyday

This weekend is Mothers Day which means many farm families will be spending some very valued time together.  Mothers fill some very vital roles in the faming operation.  Some moms run tractors, some mom’s do all the administrative work, and some mom’s make sure the harvest crew is fed.  In many farm families that I am familiar with, moms do all the above and also provide the glue for the farm – family unit.  when you think about the role that your dad plays in the operation it is very visible.  Mom’s many times are in the background providing the almost “Human Resources Lead” kind of role or “Chief Operating Officer” to make sure everyone is on the same page.

So many times moms are like the assistant coach who acts like the sounding board when the son is frustrated with dads lack of technology skills or when the dad thinks the son is not working hard enough.  Mom’s need to be able to listen and also mediate the family through those tough periods.

In terms of family farms, Moms really are special and hold that unique role of making sure everyone within the family farm are getting things done and still being a family and not just business.   I asked some friends on facebook about family farms and moms.  Here are the comments:

Edith Wray Svanes, Carmangay, Alberta —- Mom’s generally are “command central”…they know where everyone is ..what everyone is doing…hauling meals out to the field…going for parts…running tractor or combine or swather or whatever…keeping books…keeping peace in the family…and the list goes on…LOL

Lilian Schaer , Guelph, Ontario—- Awesome topic. IMHO moms are the glue that holds the farm together in so many ways that are hugely important but often get overlooked – everything from farm books to meals, gardening and clean clothes to helping out with chores and beyond. I know we wouldn’t have had much of a family dairy farm if it wasn’t for my mom.

Megan Oleksyn , Vermillion Alberta— Not only would we all live on hot dogs and beef jerky but we would kill each other without mom to moderate and delegate.

Maureen Perlich , Lethbridge Alberta- Mom€™s, there is no one else like them€¦  They are the hub that keeps it all together.  They are tried, tested and true.  They weather all the storms. They focus on the positive when things are down, and remind you there are sunny skies ahead!  A mom will call you on your shit and bring you back to reality. Lol!…  They are fair. They see your positive qualities and encourage you to use your talents big or small. Your mom is your BIGGEST fan!  Your mom knows you like no one else does and there will never be another that could replace her.  Mom€™s are the BEST!

Amazingly everyone had pretty much the same thought….Moms are the glue that holds the farming operation together.  I am familiar with several family farms across Canada who really struggled to function after the mom passed away.  To me this is very common in agriculture and family farms.  To many times we focus on the kids being just like dad and getting the work done and not enough time transferring the skills of mom.  To run a successful business you need the soft skills too and that is what your mom no doubt provides.

Please take the time this weekend to thank your mom for not only her contribution to the family farm but also her contribution to your life.  Let her know the impact she has had on your life and how your really feel about it.

I would love to hear what you think about your mom’s impact on your family farm just like Edith, Lillian, Megan and Maureen did above.

Please leave your comments below.

One thought on “Mother’s Day on the Farm is Everyday

  1. My mom is such a proud farmer. All of us lived the 4-H motto “learn to do by doing” with her guidance on the farm. I remember her taking muffins out of the oven once when I brought a calf in the house in January that needed to be warmed up. You just can’t make that kind of stuff up!! Thanks farm mom’s everywhere – the ultimate queen’s of multitasking.

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