What is the Direction?: A Look at the Corn and Barley Markets

It is amazing how a lack of volatility in today’s feed grain markets almost makes a person nervous. Feeders and farmers don’t seem believe that the corn and barley markets can actually sit still and hold a broad trading range. It really is unbelievable how we have moved from an industry that expected feed prices to be constantly stable, to expecting violent volatility on any piece of news.

Feeders are trying to figure out if they should be locking up prices for the long term and farmers are scratching their heads if they should be selling into the future considering the acres that are being planted. This is a classic case of the supply and demand sides trying to figure out each others next move. It really does make for interesting coffee shop discussion and banter.

I had a great converstaion with Jonathan Driedger from Farmlink Marketing Solutions about the feed grain markets.  I broke the interview into a corn and a barley segment for your listening pleasure.

CORN MARKET COMMENTARY – Jonathan Dreidger, FarmLink Marketing Solutions
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BARLEY MARKET COMMENTARY – Jonathan Dreidger, FarmLink Marketing Solutions
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Shaun Haney

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