Wheat School: Dealing with Septoria


Septoria can have a nasty impact on your wheat crop yield and overall plant health. Found across Canada, Septoria must be scouted prior to the flag leaf emerging. The disease favors wet windy conditions so the impact will be less in drier years.  Leaf disease can have major impact on your overall crop health because it usually requires a fast response.  Waiting to see how the disease manifests itself can be very costly. 

One of the  preventative management strategies is to  involve including non-cereal crops in the rotation which is not a problem based on the ability to plant either soybeans or canola depending on where you are in Canada.  In-crop it is possible to spray for the disease with a fungicide. 

OMAFRA Septoria information

Alberta Agriculture Septoria Information

Luc Bourgeois, Research and Development Eastern Canada with Bayer Crop Science discusses the impact of septoria and what farmers across Canada can do to minimize the impact.  In the video, Luc shows us what septoria looks like and how we can manage it. 

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