Canadian Beef Regains Market Access in China – Ted Haney, President of CBEF

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As we discuss quite often in the Beef Market Update with Anne Dunford, Canada is very dependent on the ability to export beef.  As everyone knows the market place changed in 2003 when the first case of BSE was discovered in Canada.  Over time Canada has been battling to regain its export markets to normalize trade with meat trading partner countries.  Some countries came back to Canadian products faster than others but slowly but surely our trade teams are getting incremental wins.

On June 24, 2010 CBEF announced in a press release that Canada would once again have access to the Chinese market for beef and tallow products.

I had the fortunate opportunity to talk to Canadian Beef export Federation (CBEF) President, Ted Haney while he was in China about this recent news and what it really means for the Canadian rancher and feedyard owner.

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This appears to be the result of years of commitment to the process in trying to normalize trade with China.  Whether you are a exporting technology devices, clothing or beef, China is a market that everyone aspires to access.  This appears to b a major success by the Canadian trade team and they should be congratulated.

Some producers challenge these sort of announcements because there is not an immediate impact at the farm gate level.  Ranchers and feeders want financial stability and this leans the industry incrementally closer to a pre-BSE marketing normal.  Let me put it to you this way, would you rather the Chinese market didn’t open up?  Of course not.

Stay positive people because this is positive news for our Canadian beef industry.  Am I drinking the Kool-aid?  Well I guess time will tell.


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