Ontario Farm Animal Council Responds to the Conklin Dairy Video – Crystal Mackay

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To say that last weeks release of the Mercy for Animals video from Conklin Dairy Farm was an outrage is being light. My post last week brought on some high amounts of emotion and ridicule for the people at Conklin dairy farm. In that post we also discussed the needed criticism for Mercy for Animals based on the fact they let this abuse happen for a month and did not stop it but stood there and caught it on tape. I can’t even watch the whole video, nevermind watching this happen for a month. Would they videotape a kid being abused for a month and not report it immediately. Of course not but they let these dairy cows be. It just doesn’t hold water with me at all.

Crystal Mackay is the Executive Director of the Ontario Farm animal Council and is based in Guelph. We discuss the outrage that the video has caused and why Mercy for Animals should also be criticized.

If you cannot see the below video, Click Here

Personally I think the industry has responded positively by saying this is in an outrage and will not be tolerated. I completely agree with Crystal that this kind of sensationalistic showcasing of animal abuse is not in support of the humane treatment of animals at all. Anyone livestock farmer that I have talked with about this video has said the same thing, “the video is disgusting.”


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