The stress of spring has been brutal in many parts of the west. It does bring to my the saying, “if farming was easy everyone would do it!”  The weather is definitely testing the nerves of everyone that is involved in this chaos.  With some farmers not having turned a wheel yet in 2010, the stress load is immense and the frustration is off the charts.  It is easy to say, take a deep breath” but the reality is people are on edge and rightly so.

The weather is not only causing stress but also huge swings in acres.  At one time canola was forecast to be at 18 million acres and now some are saying acres could be as low as 13 million acres.  Whether you seeded early, late or haven’t started you have a challenge to battle.  There are some good crops out there but farmers with decent stands are keeping their luck to themselves.

I talked to Lyndsey Smith the Editor of Grainews about this challenging spring and what some of the current challenges will mean for the rest of the growing season. Lyndsey is based out of Lumsden, SK.

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One thought on “Spring 2010 is Taking it’s Toll on Farmers – Lyndsey Smith – Grainews

  1. Watched your video. Very good take on the situation. Seems some of the ag experts are just waking up to reality. We farm at Melfort Sk. This would have been my 47th crop. We are about 20% seeded and about 20% of that is flooded out. So it looks like next year will be the 47th crop, or last year was my last! We usually seed about 25 or 30 % of our 5000 acres to canola, but so far have not seeded any.

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