Versatile Goes Out On The Power Drive 2010

I am intrigued by neat and cool ideas. While at the Farm Progress Show in Regina, I encountered a really interesting simple marketing concept that gives farmers the opportunity to evaluate machinery more accurately.

Versatile is traveling across North America on the Versatile Power Drive 2010.  Essentially this is an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to test drive tractors in a field setting with real equipment.  How many times have you bought a tractor without even sitting in the cab, nevermind getting a chance to actually take it for a test drive.  Many times the purchase is based on color, price or horsepower and not the actual features of the machine or other important factors.

Most times when we buy a truck or car it is customary that we take the potential new wheels for a rip around the block.  You try out the sun roof, how loud the stereo goes and how fast the car gets up to 60mph.  Why don’t we do this with farm equipment?  Not all units are created the same and since the cab is now the “cabin” there are many cool amenities to evaluate.  Examples would be horsepower performance, cabin space, GPS system and controls.

I just thought this was an interesting marketing concept because it is something that producers can actually get some value from.  Sure Versatile would like you to buy a tractor but in the mean time you get to take a test drive and see what a Versatile tractor will do and if you like it.  Seems fair to me.

At the Farm Progress Show 2010 in Regina I chatted with Ryan Shust, Product Manager for Versatile Tractors about the power drive and why he thinks it has been going over so well with farmers and what are some of the objectives.

If you cannot see the video below, Click Here


Shaun Haney

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