The Importance of Data in Agriculture to Make Better Decisions – Rob Saik, Agri-Trend

Many people look at services like Google from just the front end which is search.  Google is really more about the back end application of data.  The search engine allows them to collect infinite bytes of data so that they can make advertising revenue from the searcher.  The better the data set that Google has on you, the more accurate the advertising and the more likely you will click through the ads offered.

Data really is about better knowledge which allows us to make better decisions.  This also holds case on the farm.  More and more technologies are coming to the farm which allows farmers to make better decisions on the farm.  If you have no data to reference you are really making decisions by the gut or feel and that can be beneficial but also can lower the probability you are making the right decision.

For years the industry has had the money and infrastructure to collect and manage data but now database systems are making their way to the farm level.  Some of these systems are free and some have a cost but the benefits to be extracted by the farmer are immense.  I will say this though, make sure you understand who owns the data you are entering.  Is it your data, or does the database admin own the data to use for their own use or profit.

Rob Saik, Founder & CEO of AGRI-TREND Group of Companies discusses the impact of data on the farm and how he sees farmers and the industry using data more effectively in the future to make better management decisions.

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