By Shaun Haney

On Tuesday night I was following my usually routine of watching the National on CBC before I go to sleep for the night. One of the leading stories was about the Ontario government starting an online casino to compete in this massive market against the likes of Poker Stars and Bodog.  This is nothing more than a way for the financially crippled Ontario government to raise money.

Admittedly the first thing that jumped in my head while listening to this story was…….

Due to the recent banning of urban pesticide use in Ontario and this newly announced government funded online casino, the Ontario government is saying that they think blackjack is safer for the public than spraying your lawn for dandelions.  Who would of thought that making gambling more accessible to the public is considered a great government initiative while killing dandelions is not?


Based on the financial situation of the province maybe they should be buying shares in Monsanto or Syngenta and telling people, spray away.  It would seems that this is the kind of decision making that steers the Ontario government’s moral compass.  I mean apparently anything is okay and can be government backed provided that it helps the province alleviate itself of it’s insanely desperate financial situation.


Both the banning of urban pesticides and the creation of the government’s online casino prove that government decisions have little to with improving public utility or good.  It seems that many decisions are either about caving to special interest or about money.  Maybe we could get the urban pesticide bill rescinded if we proposed people had to pay a yearly fee of $100 in order to spray their own lawn.  All of a sudden pesticides might be okay and just as safe and good for you as playing blackjack online.

2 thoughts on “Is BlackJack Safer than Pesticides?

  1. HaHa – Agree with you! It’s okay to get people more hooked on gambling but no spraying allowed — I wonder what the damage of self are in percentages in each case…. ???

  2. LOL:)

    Seriously, though, governments are not logical nor consistent.

    When the State of Indiana several years ago was part of the tobacco settlement, plus weighing the licensing of additional casinos/ horse race tracks, and thinking about Sunday liquor sales to increase revenue, much of the discussion was about where the revenue would be used :K-12 education. I printed T-shirts that said “smoke more, drink more, gamble more=>support state education for kids”

    There are certainly many more examples of a government’s attempt to generate revenue conflicting with the people’s version of sensibility.

    Thanks for the post
    John Blue

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