Is Western Canada Doomed For An Early Frost – David Phillips, Environment Canada

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How many coffee shops in Western Canada are talking about the fall weather.  Will we get an early frost?  Does late spring mean early fall?  Can September be the hottest month of the year again?  Weather is always something that occupies a farmers mind because the timing is so critical.  For example, if we have a nice dry open fall it will mean nothing if there is a hard frost on September 10th.  Likewise 10 inches of rain on the 15th of November will be fine if harvest is complete.

I chatted with David Phillips, Environment Canada about the weather we have had this summer and how farmers need mother nature to give us a nice open fall so that we can complete harvest. David talks about the chance of frost and some of the statistics behind the probability of a frost coming in early September.

Come on mother nature be nice….Please?

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