Canola School: Cabbage Seed Pod Weevil Resistant Canola Vareties – Dr. Lloyd Dosdall

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Canola research continues to receive a lot of attention from the breeding programs around the world. In Canada canola is a very important crop for seed companies, processors and most of all farmers. Due to the fact canola is an accepted biotech crop in Canada researchers are working very diligently to increase the traits available to farmers and processors. Traits that provide the canola plant with resistance to certain pests provide many benefits to farmers.  One of the key pests that impacts Western Canadian farmers is the cabbage seed pod weevil.

In this episode I spoke with Dr. Lloyd Dosdall about some his research on the cabbage seed pod weevil. Dr. Dosdall has been apart of some amazing trait development that will provide farmers with cabbage seed pod weevil resistant varieties in a couple years.


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