With the Blackberry Torch coming out in Canada very soon many smartphone using farmers are wondering they should be making the leap dater some of the struggles of the Storm and Storm 2. Even though touch screens are all the rage (think iphone) many people still like the idea of the actual keyboard. The concept of the Blackberry Torch is to give users the best of both worlds with a touch screen and the traditional keyboard that slides out the bottom of the phone (a slider).

Peter Gredig is an avid user of the Blackberry products and has been using a Torch for a month. Peter loves many of the Torch’s new features such as the operating system and the web browser. But with having said all that, will Peter give the Blackberry Torch his highest recommendation or will he suggest that you stick with your Bold or wait for the Torch gen 2 to hit the market?  We talked at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

If you cannot see the below embedded video, click here.

5 thoughts on “FarmerTech Review – The Blackberry Torch – Peter Gredig

  1. Great review, I am always interested in gaining others perspectives on devices. I am now putting the Torch into my selection process verses the HTC EVO and the iPhone. I too really like the idea of a key board.

  2. Thanks Shaun. Great post. I love the comparisons & it is helpful to tell folks if they are starting out they may not want to spend all the money on the first go around.

  3. I am in the U.S. and have a BB Torch. I can’t live without the keyboard so there’s no way I am giving up my BB in general. The “reaction time” of the Torch is slow versus my wife’s Iphone. However, if you have to have that keyboard (like I do) AND you want the full web browsing capability (like an Iphone) then it’s a good pick in my opinion.

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