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Well I have come home from Woodstock and had a great time.  I filmed 19 interviews in two days and am ready for some desk time back at the office.

In this weeks VLOG I thought I would share with you my quick thoughts on the show and then a presentation of all my photos so that you can get a visual feeling for the show.  Please check out RealAgriculture over the coming weeks to see all the great interviews and coverage of the show.  I really think I covered some compelling things like the prototype silage blade, dairy water beds and the ever popular Harley Davidson tractor trailer.

A special thanks to my sponsors for the week, C&M Seeds, Pride Seeds and Becker Underwood.

If you cannot see the below embedded video, Click Here.

I really believe that farm shows are meant to be outside. Walking around a dark dreary hockey arena when its twenty five below is not really inspiring. Being in the outdoors, watching tillage demos and test driving tractors is what farmers want. talking to your seed rep in a demo site is what farmers want.

For the first two days of the show the weather was great which meant some farmers had to stay home to harvest but the rain on Thursday meant that harvesting farmers could head into the show.

All I can say is please someone bring an outdoor farm show to Western Canada. I actually bumped into about ten people from the west who were either checking out the show for interest sakes or with work. Everyone had the same comment.

“This is great”

I hope that you enjoy this weeks VLOG.

4 thoughts on “Haney ‘s VLOG – Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Wrap-up

  1. Hey Shaun. very cool looking show. Its held in a very vibrant ag area as well which adds to the whole experience i am sure. i am so gonna go. thats like a farmers faviorite road trip…an ag show in another part of the country and you can wear a t shirt while attending…instead of a parka. Thanks Shaun. PS is it the same place every year? LK

  2. Actually it is in Woodstock every year. If you look at the picture at the top of the story you will see the Pride seeds building which is a permanent structure built by the company. the fact it is in the same location every yea really allows companies to get creative with their booth presentations.

    The land is owned by the University of Guelph I believe.

  3. Other “Outdoor Farm Shows” which are definitely worth a road trip are Nebraska Husker Harvest Days, Iowa Farm Progress Show, and of course the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Ca. Anytime I’ve went I’ve come back with a bunch of great ideas. I agree with Shaun whole-heartedly, farm shows are meant to be outside. There is currently a plan in the works to have an Outdoor Farm Show in W Can too, as soon as next summer.

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