Canada has been working at increasing the access of Canadian beef into Europe for quite some time.  If the EU / Canada free trade agreement is ratified later this year the benefits will be very positive for Canadian beef producers.  Gaining access for hormone free beef into Europe will have large benefits for the industry provided that the meat packing industry provides programs and incentives to producers.

Ted Haney is the President of the Beef Export Federation and is very involved in the trade of Canadian Beef internationally and this agreement.  Ted gives us an idea of how this agreement will benefit Canadian beef producers and the industry as a whole.  I personally find some of the trade information confusing so getting the information directly from people like Ted is critical to understanding what is happening.

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One thought on “Impact of the EU – Canada Free Trade Agreement on Canadian Beef – Ted Haney, CBEF

  1. I drove Ted Haney to the Ottawa Airport in one of the worst blizzards in Ottawa. I missed a family PTA appointment to do this. I offered him a consultative mechanism that had worked very well with pork producers and the Federal Government.. The first “casual” interdepartmental meeting we had, Ted brought his Alberta boss with manure on his boots to ream out everything that I had done to better their position. On that day, I decided that I would never speak to Ted Haney again. And I have not. You reap what you sow.

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