Distiller dried grains (DDG’s) have quickly become a very important part of a beef ration and increasingly at dairies. Created by the ethanol industry DDG’s have allowed many livestock feeders to diversify the feeding ration. When DDG’s first came to the market the supply and delivery logistics of corn DDG’s to Canada was a major complaint. Now that the wheat ethanol plants in Western Canada are running at capacity these kinds of issues have subsided for the most part.

At this months Western Nutrition Conference, Nutritionists and researchers discussed wheat DDGs and the future of the product in livestock rations. I talked about the current research and where the research is headed next with Dr. Colleen Christensen, Feed Innovation Institute, University of Saskatchewan.

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4 thoughts on “Wheat DDG’s Continue to Be Researched – Dr. Colleen Christensen, U of S

  1. I am unable to watch the video. The interview link is no longer working – both on your (real agriculture website) or on you tube. Kindly re-upload. Thanks

  2. Hi Shaun, thanks for the reply.
    We’ve tried this video on a few computers in the office and forwarded the link to a friend outside our organization. All with the same results. He’s having the same problem – and we’ve all watched the video on our various computers before!

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