Is the US Economy On it’s Way to Recovery? – Jim Budzynski

If you are interested in politics and economics like I am there is no more interesting fodder every night on the television than in the United States.  I love debates and conflict on topics and the US has no shortage of them right now.  Whether you are right, left or moderate you cannot deny the jockeying for position that is taking place.  Depending on who you listen to you are going to get a different opinion on the state of the US economy and whether there is a potential double dip or a smooth recovery in progress.

Today I had the chance to meet a very interesting man that has some very provoking thoughts on what sunk the US economy and where it is headed next.  Dr. Jim Budzynski (see his website) is based in Indiana and spoke to me about the US economic situation and provided me with his thoughts on whether America is out of the woods and even if the US will become the next Japan.

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Shaun Haney

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