The Growth of the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) on the Farm

At one time the farmer mainly used horses, then motorbikes, then quads and now the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) has become a common tool on the farm. For many ranchers and farmers these utility vehicles have created a real sense of versatility and handiness. I must admit that when the UTV first was introduced I thought it was more of a novelty fun vehicle to rip around the yard in. The price of these units is nothing to ignore at a range of ten to twenty five thousand but the demand appears to be there.  The high end units even have air sealed cabs with air conditioning.

At Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show I talked to Adam Haney (no relation) from Kubota about all the different features of the Kubota and why he thinks this vehicle class is so popular.

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I have to admit I still think these are very cool vehicles but the practicality is rising with all the new features that have been added. I know for my own seed business I could see many uses with the our yard and around the seed plant. What do you think about these vehicles?


Shaun Haney

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We bought a vehicle like this for the ranch and it has been great for getting things done during chores. They are very useful tools


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