Is this Alberta or the Former Soviet Union? - The Land Stewardship Act is Unbelievable


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You Need to Be Concerned About Bill 36 – The Land Stewardship Act

By Shaun Haney

I have to admit that I have missed the boat on this one.  I have been hearing many different people talk about the Land Stewardship Act and why as a farmer you should be concerned about it.  At first glance I thought it had to do with re-classifying land for environmental concerns but the reality is that it is way more than that.  The cabinet has given itself the power to re-classify land depending on what it deems as the best for it’s long term area planning.  This essentially takes the power out of the hands of the local municipalities and has potentially very negative affects for agriculture, oil patch and acreage owners.

Yesterday I interviewed Keith Wilson, Wilson Law Office, about Bill 36 – Land Stewardship Act and why as a landowner in Alberta you need to be very concerned about what the PC cabinet is trying or going to do.  The interview is 15 minutes but believe me you will not believe what you are hearing.

If you cannot see the below embedded video, click here

As Keith Wilson mentions in the interview, it is hard to believe that the provincial government is actually granting itself this kind of power.  To be able to have this kind of power in people that are potentially so detached from the ground floors of reality is incredibly dangerous and scary. Giving the provincial cabinet the power to re-classify land without even the consideration for appeal or compensation is ridiculous.  This kind of central planning seems to be the philosophy for the Stelmach government.  Why are we moving to central planning in Alberta?  Whether it is health super boards or central land planning, the government seems to think that it can do a better job than local health boards or municipalities.

Being able to overrule pre-approved NRCB permits or disregarding how land has been used for 100 years is what this bill accomplishes for the government.

Below is a map of the areas of that the provincial government is very interested in.  the color code is as follows:

green – International concern

red – National level of concern

blue – provincial level of concern

map of sensitive areas

Is your farm in the red?  Why are so many areas classified as a national concern?  If your farm fits into the red area, what does this mean for your farming operation?  The government needs to have power to get certain things accomplished but absolute power seems a bit scary to me.  History has shown us that power in the wrong hands can have drastically terrible results.

I suggest that you take the time to listen to the 15 minute interview above with Keith Wilson and get engaged in the outrage towards this bill.  Apparently in Alberta, your land is not your land.  The Alberta Government has decided that they are now the decision makers for land use in the province and there is essentially nothing that you can do about it.  Welcome to the Soviet Union…..errrrrr……..Alberta.

51 thoughts on “Is this Alberta or the Former Soviet Union? – The Land Stewardship Act is Unbelievable

  1. Hi Shaun,

    I have been tracking the series of Bills starting with 19, then 36 and now Bill 50. All of them providing overarching draconian powers to government and taking them away from the real Albertans. We all should understand that rights and powers are not just created , but rather shifted from those who are affected and can provide influence on the outcome have now shifted to governamnt who is often driven by it’s own politics or pressed by big dollar lobbyists. Our forefathers fought for those rights!
    I urge all Albertans to listen to Keith carefully and understand the serious power shift that is occurring right before our eyes! The PC’s need to beware bcause Albertans are smarter than they think!

  2. Listeners/readers should be aware that a Wildrose Alliance government will repeal all three of these abusive acts, and legislate instead a judiciable right to full, fair and timely compensation for any land expropriated or restricted in use for public purposes. We believe that what the public takes the public should pay for — and that if the public is unwilling to pay for it, the public does not need it.

  3. Stelmach government wants to become God in Alberta. This Bill will undermine all the years of hard work the landowners & the municpalities have worked to establish. I think Stelmach’s starched collar has caused him to forget his roots. If this Bill is applied then it is obvious we need a change like the Wildrose Alliance as Stelmach needs some knowledgeable opposition. For the next election I Will Not Vote for Stelmach.

  4. Bad decision after bad decision. I am a PC supporter through and through but this government must go! Stelmach you just keep goofing up on these big time decisions. First you chase the oil companies away. Now your lowering the price of real estate because someone lives in a certain part of the province, glad Im not trying to sell any property on your colourful map! Then you tell me that you also have the right to take their land with no compensation???? This government does not have “the peoples” best interest in mind! They are the most self serving bunch i’ve ever seen!

  5. Shaun:

    Thank you for shedding some light on the LSA.

    Despite the overwhelming evidence, many people in Alberta still think central bureaucratic control is a good answer to perceived problems. When provincial central authorities tell private property owners how, when and for what purpose their property is to be used, this is not communism, it is socialism of the Hindenburg variety. In other words, it is economic fascism — and this form of central planning has a very bad track record.

  6. Who is this person “Stelmach”? How is it than an unknown can get this much power.? Are we all a sleep and have let this happen, while we are cozy in our beds. Think again about cozy and safe when “Staleman” can destroy our hard fought for land and rights! What happened to our rights, our land. My father fought in WW2 for all of us, for our land, for our rights. Why can’t “Staleman” to ousted.? Why all this drama since he somehow got elected? The time in now to get him back to his land while he still can own it, oh I forgot his will be out of the red zone.

  7. How can our current Government be so out of touch with the people. The are just asking to be put out to pasture come the next election. Please Wild Rose have candidates in every riding and do your homework and listen to the people.

  8. I will definitely share this one with as many as I can. I believe this is a style not seen since the “Wall” came down in east Germany.

  9. Here is a link to a much much larger version of the map below. All I had to do was go to the Alberta Government website and search “Environmental Significant Areas of Alberta” and a link to the map was in the list:

    This whole thing is linked to Agenda 21, look it up.

    By tricking producers into applying for a premise id (which my husband and I have NOT done), these scum bags have tried to create a form of “statutory consent” (legislated contract), which once they have – they can take it away.
    I have posted some info on this at at ‘beef production’.

  10. I am coming to the viewpoint that if the government goes against what the citizens of this province want, and that it costs money that is taken out of the citizens pocket, then maybe the citizens should beable to clame that back out of the MLA, and Stelmach pocket ( no government money) when we vote them out. Let these people who are playing GOD with our money, pay back what they took out of the pockets of those that were not in favour or had no vote or say in the designation of this money, or law, or whatever Stelmach and his “yes sir” MLA’s decide is what they themselves want. I wonder—-do all of these voted in MLA’s just role over and ask Stemach if he has anymore orders for them, or have they lost the abillity to say NO to this tin dictator?

    What we need here in AB is something like the Tea Party that hit the US elections.

  11. Shaun,

    Great topic. All producers should be aware of Bill 36, 46, and Bill 50.

    Your question of WHY? You should talk to Joe Anglin from Rimbey. Here is a video clip of one of his presentations.

    Many of the Farmers in the Coaldale, AB area can attest to the power if Bill 36 & 50. The MATL line is being forced thru by a Private Corporation, NOT A PUBLIC UTILITY thru Farmers lands. Near Coaldale lines will cross thru 85 pivot irrigated quarters among other issues. In many cases straight thru the middle of them, causing the pivot incapable of irrigating the full parcel.

    Bill 36 is unbelievable. The last time i checked even the Hugo Chavez & the Venezuelan Govt offered compensation for expropriated lands. Unbelievable.

  12. Prince Peter Lougheed would not let property rights be part of the Canadian Constitution because he said we were covered by the Province of Alberta and no one could take that away.
    We were snookered into believing that, and now Slomach will take these last rights away.
    Ed does not remember that the last government before Lougheed ( Harry Strom ) had a braying ass for a leader who would not listen to any of the people and the Socreds were kicked out. I believe that Danielle
    will do the same with the Wild Rose.

  13. im not entirely familiar with some of these legislative attempts here in ontario but i did hear anecdotealy that mcguinty tried or is trying to do the same thing in my area near chatham with regards to land near the lake. i dont know if its an outright takeover of the land or whether its some sort of massive environmental restrictions being placed on its use and sale.
    this is not the country that my parents grew up with nor is it even the one i remember in my relatively short existence as a concerned adult. we are witnessing governments out of control. i ran for council in my area essentially as a libertarian/conservative and i was not the only one. none of us in any wards got in. the people apparently view freedom as something to be feared.

    god help us all.

  14. It is time for everyone to stand up and be counted. Alta Link is presently trying to run their lines down my irrigated field and they do not care. Their land man told me it really doesnt matter thats where theyre going and thats it. Send this to every MLA in this province and them we are comming for their jobs or get off the pot. It is time to get these this legislated rescinded.

  15. Clarence
    We have a land owners group put together to get fair representation for the Alta link line. Do not listen to the land man and do not sign anything until you get some advise. The land agent does not represent you or your concerns and will use every trick in the book to get you to sign your rights away. Our group is under CAEPLA ( a non profit land owners advocate org). Contact the head office in Regina and they will help you get in touch with people that will help you out.

  16. What scares me is that I beleive the PC government will jam this bill through before election time. Which will then make it costly and complicated to scrap this legistlation in the futur. Any futur govenment we have to expend allot of time and money to fix this issue if it can not be stopped before its inacted. And that’s my hard earned tax dollars they will have to spend…waste again. Thanks Ed and the PC for trashing the Alberta Advantage. I can’t wait till election time to make the change to Wild Rose.

  17. This is Central Planning in full bloom. How in the world can these egotistical despots ever imagine the word “conservative” describes them?

    This was not even hinted at in the last election! Unless the WRA fields dead people as candidates, they get my vote. This PC government has become so intoxicated with power that they no longer have any moral right to govern.

    I can’t believe Morton was behind this…..

  18. There is a difference between deeded land and leased land and by the pink on the map this would cover a lot of leased land.This leased land is Crown land owned by the government of Canada and administered by the Provincial government.
    For years lease holders have been recieving millions of dollars of payments for development on leased land ie. Oilfield activety and logging etc. on land they do not own!
    Can the Wild Rose Aliance correct this ?
    Many of these lease holders are on both sides of the fence,they contribute to the PCs and WRA.
    They dont care about anything but keeping our mony in their pocketts!

  19. I see many references to Stelmach; while he is the ultimate leader, you need to dig deeper to understand how government works. Stelmach etal did not dream this up over the last 2 years. The buearacracy behind the scenes is the ultimate culprit. Desk top hacks who simply want to grow government and make their jobs easier by stompimg on Alberta land owners as their goal. The ministers and leaders are then convinced this is best for Albertans by this half brained buearacracy without any meaningful consultation with Albertans. Wild Rose may be the next big party on the horizon, but quick changes are very difficult with entrenced staffers! Look what happened in the US–just because leaders change doesn’t yield quick results.

  20. In the 70’s we had the APMC, I was told by a senior minister that is was Socialism through the back door. In Alberta , we turn a blind eye when it’s a “C” decision. We are Red Necks but fear the color red as in the “L” word. We hate Socialism while this Conservative (Since 1971) has used this process over and over. The few that complain cannot be heard over the Shoot Shovel and Shutup guys.
    We weather the storm but have forgotton how much this storm has taken from us. Ask the landowners who have had their land butchered in the name of prosperity for profit, problem is the profit is for the Gov’t and the business group and now they are responsible for the trash in the ground as the business’ cannot clean up their mess. If you want to change direction, change course not leaders.

  21. The need to change/abolish this act evident. What I would like to know is how many people who complain about what the government is doing, actually do something constructive like writing a letter, E-mail or phone call to their MLA or to stelmach himself?. If more people complained in a constructive manner instead of blogs on the internet maybe some action may come out of the power of the people. The greasy wheel gets the grease and right now the biggest noise is coming from the environmental and special intrest groups. The average citizen just seems to complain on blogs without any action just hoping that it will not happen or hoping someone else will come to the rescue. Thinking that getting a new leater, or a new party will solve the issue is living in dreamworld.
    Call or send a letter to your MLA or government official and complain. Make your voice be heard. It is how the special interest groups get their way. Fight fire with fire.

  22. Bill Burke stated above:
    “For years lease holders have been recieving millions of dollars of payments for development on leased land ie. Oilfield activety and logging etc. on land they do not own! Can the Wild Rose Aliance correct this ?”

    For Gods sake man, so what if I don’t OWN the land. I pay taxes and rent on it! I have a legal binding lease agreement that gives me the right to “quiet enjoyment” of my these lands. I make my living from grazing cattle on them; and damn right anyone who tries to infringe upon these agreements is going to pay for bothering me. Your arguement would then extend to people who OWN land and don’t make money off of its use…ie; they work in the city etc. and have no INCOME from the land. Should these people be compensated for a gas well on their land? They haven’t had their ability to make a living hindered by its placement there! I suspect millions of dollars are paid to land owners who never earned a dime off their deeded land. Please remember your legal right to own land is legislated by the government, visa the Land Titles Act. Don’t pay your taxes and see how long you possess it!

    During the Thurber Grazing Review of the late 90’s, 27 regulations were reviewed and amassed into 1 regulation (some of the 27 being completely eliminated)… Ralph Klein and others called grazing leaseholders “Welfare Cowboys” and spread around our ‘private information’ to justify the Bill (31). It is attitudes like yours that allowed them to continue their destructive journey to our present situation, where-in the Land Stewardship Act, the Land Projects Act and the Electrical Statutes Amendment Act are blatantly going after privately owned land. If you don’t respect my right to quiet enjoyment of my grazing lease (and yes this wording is IN the contract)… then why should Government respect your legislated land ownership rights.

    You have hit a very big nerve here Mr. Burke! I don’t want to have battles with my fellow land owners, just because I bought grazing lease and you didn’t. There is no knowing where these oil and gas wells will be placed; and many are now finding that having them is a bigger hinderance than not having them. Instead of aiming your jealousy towards those being legitamately compensated for these activities, we should all be fighting for compensation for our neighbors who are not compensated because the well site is not located on their land or lease, yet they still may be directly affected by it. Maybe you have a leased vehicle that I can borrow for a few years?

  23. This conspiracy perpetrated by the PC government of Alberta on the peopleo of Alberta, predates the Stelmach government; as it pertain to the electricity industry, it seems to have started on or around the year 2003, when ‘electricity deregulation’ was introduced.

    For those who might take offense to the word conspiracy, the Oxford Dictionary definition states: “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”. Given the clear ramifications of the past actions and legislation on the landowners and ratepayers of Alberta, and given that all PC MLAs continue to ‘sell’ it to the public as the best legislation ever written’ (to quote Mr. Stelmach), then I do believe ‘conspiracy’ is an apt description.

    Since I stand to lose more than half my net worth should the powerline go through my lands, I have spent considerable time and resources finding out why and who was to blame . . .

    In my opinion, the recent legislation such as Bills 19, 50 and 36 are consecutive, planned moves on behalf of the power brokers in the province to parcel off our resources. From the power perspective, it seems that the Klein Government started work on this prior to 2003, when it promised the US (namely California) that it would be fulfill all of their energy needs, including electricity.

    Don’t take my word for it. Connect the dots, starting with electricity deregulation, the TransCanada proposal to build a merchant transmission line from Fort Mac to California, the curious circumstances surrounding the AltaLink acquisition of TransAlta’s transmission assets, the bizarre provincial policy setting the AESO’ mandate to provide “Unconstrainted Transmission”, the illogical and aggressive support for nuclear power generation, and now the recent legislation such as Bills 19, 50, and 36, and it falls into place . . .

    Stelmach may not have started the fire, but he (along with veteran Ministers such as Riepert, Morton, Kowalski, Horner) were there when it was lit . . . they have faithfully kept the fire going . . . and I dare say, have added considerably to it . . . and continue to do so.

    Is Wildrose the answer? I don’t know, but I do know this . . . ANY PC government – lead by ANY PC leader – will carry on with the plan, and ensure the end of Alberta as we know it (or is it more accurate to say KNEW IT, given that Bills 19, 50 and 36 exist . . .). If there’s anyone foolishly loyal or stupid enough to vote PC, please come see me after the next election, and I’ll sell you my land for “pre-powerline” prices . . .

    Anywhere else in the world, and there would be riots in the streets long ago. Wake up Alberta . . . or be forever ashamed of your apathy.

  24. First, Anne, the map has the townships and ranges on it. Follow the lines across, from the numbers on the side… you should find your land.

    Second, Mr. Williams you are absolutely correct that this agenda has been in the works for many years. I realized that with deregulation and NAFTA, the splitting of our power bills so that “transmission costs” were separate from “power costs”, was a necessary step. Under NAFTA we can’t charge the USA or Mexico any more (or less) for “power”… than what we charge Albertans (Canadians). However, we CAN force Albertans to pay through the nose for the “transmission” costs – thus subsidizing the sale of power to the United States.

    I think it was approximately 1974 when Peter Lougheed attended a Bilderberg meeting. He was told Alberta was to be an “industrial province” NOT an agriculture province. He tried hard to push this agenda… but rural Alberta pushed back, and the plan was stalled. The time has come when the people/corporations with power are impatient and won’t wait any longer for the “industrialization” of Alberta. God I hope and pray we can stop these power-lines, and especially stop any nuclear power in Alberta.

    These taxpayer subsidized power-lines for ATCO and AltaLink will cost roughly 16 BILLION dollars, or so we are told. This will bankrupt the present inhabitants of Alberta and drive businesses away. Well, all the businesses NOT involved with the construction of these power-lines and nuclear plants, etc.

    So, instead of Alberta taking the fork in the road that will lead to diversity, spreading out risk, and creating a balanced, sustainable economy….. These yahoos running the Province, have chosen to plow down a path that leads to MORE dependency upon foreign nations buying our resources, while polluting our own backyards, and plaguing Albertans with more cancer causing industries.

    So far as I can see, the present government attitude is:
    “Albertans are in the way of Alberta’s future.”

  25. Unfortunately the municipalities have failed to look after the best interests of the environment and the taxpayers. For example, Airdrie approves residential subdivisions and then turns to the province to fund highway upgrades and new schools. Rocky View County approved massive commercial development without regard for water availability. In general, the approval of hundreds of residential developments over the past 20 years has led to the push for expansion of the electrical system. One of the major considerations to be brought in by the land stewardship act is the recognition of the cumulative effects of developments.

    No piece of land is an island nor is one municipality. Every parcel of land is surrounded by resources, air and water, that are not privately owned. Nearly every parcel is bordered by other public or private land. Changes to land uses almost always require some change in government services.

    We cannot claim unfettered property rights unless we are willing to accept, without exception, our neighbor’s right to have a landfill, nuclear power plant, race track, power lines, or sour gas processing facility next door to our land.

    1. John, Great points on the unfettered property rights. I think what concerns many of the people that I have talked to is the inability to form an appeal or recieve compensation. Seems a little unrealistic and unfair in a country like Canada.

  26. John,

    I agree with you first statement “Unfortunately the municipalities have failed to look after the best interests of the environment and the taxpayers.” If this was the case then we would have a very vocal and widespread argument from the municipalities against bills 19, 36, 50 etc. These bills will ensure that the government will do as they please including the ability to strip ALL property rights from property owners. They may do this to further there agenda but it will stiffle free enterprise here in AB.

    As the landowner, you should be able to do whatever you want on your land as long as it does not provide major inconvenience to your neighbours. If you want to change what you are doing the government should then be allowed to stop a development within reason.

    What we are currently facing with this framework is the exact opposite: The government can force you to do (or force you to allow others to do) something that you would not have otherwise done without any opportunity to appeal to the courts or seek different compensation than what is offered. This includes if the enterprise that wishes to use your land is a private for profit entity that is in no way going to provide benefit to Albertans. If you do not believe this then you should do some background reading on MATL (not just the articles in the newspaper, but get out and hear what the affected landowners have to say).

    MATL is a 100% private firm that is going to export power to the southern states in the longterm. Currently the infrastructure is being put into place. This will only increase your energy bill (cost of energy will then be based on higher American prices and cost to get power to the Lethbridge substation via AltaLink lines).

  27. O.K.

    So how many of you that have posted comments here legitimately can claim that you didn’t vote PC at every chance over the last 40 years?
    I’m willing to bet that none of you are able to make that claim.
    And now you’re angry because it looks to you like your chickens have come home to roost.

    Yeah, well, Thanks for nothing. Your chickens have been crapping in my backyard for the last 40 years.

  28. The government has run out of good ideas, unfortunately there is no shortage of bad ideas.

    Seems to me that politicians have abdicated their responsibilities to the electorate and the bureaucracy has assumed the real power of governing this province. Bill 36 like so many policies in recent times have been written by unelected people with no clear understanding particularly of agriculture. Property rights and personal freedoms apparently have no place in Alberta or Canada for that matter. What we need here is an Alberta version of the American Tea Party.

  29. Always amusing to see all the tub thumping about stuff being facilitated by unelected persons. Politicians have a role to play no question but remember there is no job description for politicians and it has to be one of the only or few jobs that has no qualifications including education. And since Ralph came on the scene we have experienced a dumbing down of the government members. Now we have a collection of high school drop-outs, truck drivers, and talk show hacks, cabinet minister material all. Bring on the Wild Rose and set this in concrete.

  30. Sorry for dropping a bomb shell Joe, I have put in a protest vote for years!!!!!!!!! My MLA will not even answer any questions that I have , for that matter he won’t even reply!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I would suggest that you all check out the R.E.T.A. (Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans) website. On it they have posted a letter that was leaked to them from Stelmach’s inner circle regarding the new transmission lines.

    After reading the letter I sent an email to Premier Stelmach and Minister Danyluk, and copied in the leaders of the opposition parties, my MLA, Cam Hantiuk (in communications in government) and the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal, demanding the planned transmission lines be stopped. I do understand that we need new transmission lines, but not to the extent they are proposing.

    And, yes, I have voted for the PC’s for the past 40 years but will no longer do so. I have not left the PC Party, it has left me. In 2009, my first communication with my MLA was that we have voted parties out before and we can do it again.

  32. I find it absolutely amazing that Stelmach and cronies think they have the right to take hard working Albertans rights away. They all seem to forget who they work for and who pays their wages. We all need to fight this any way we can.

  33. Thanks Sean for bringing this to the attention of your readers. I find some of the comments interesting including Donna who asked if Albertans have fallen asleep. This is what 40 years of the same government will get you. Perhaps there is hope with more parties at the table but knowing Alberta’s voting history they will simply shift all the power to some other party for another 40 years. Of all the provinces in Canada Alberta should understand and vote for a healthy opposition (competition) and stop blindly handing power to one party’s ideology.

  34. From the Government of Alberta “YourAlberta Blog”

    We’re committed to property rights
    Posted At : January 13, 2011 8:43 AM (MST) | Posted By : Premier Ed Stelmach
    Related Categories: Office of the Premier

    Over the past number of months we’ve heard concerns being raised about certain pieces of legislation – the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) and the Land Assembly Project Act (LAPA) – otherwise referred to as Bills 36 and 19.

    The intent behind these bills has been wrongly interpreted as an intentional attack on Albertans’ private property rights and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in our caucus we have over two dozen landowners who are sensitive to this issue. It makes very little sense to suggest, then, that this government would remove existing protections for landowners with these pieces of legislation.

    We brought in this legislation to ensure that we have responsible, coordinated, long-term planning in the province – something that all Albertans have a stake in. Coordinated land planning is something that we clearly heard Albertans wanted, and we’ve seen success with initiatives like the Capital Region Plan.

    It was never the government’s intention to change the long-standing balance between accommodating the public interest and recognition of the rights of individual Albertans. That was made clear in the Municipal Government Act in 1995.

    Albertans should know that I have instructed my ministers to take another look at the legislation to amend any wording that could be misinterpreted and ensure that it clearly reflects our intention, including maintaining respect for landowners’ rights.

    Any changes that need to be made to better clarify the government’s actual intent relative to protecting landowners’ rights will be made.

    We’ll also make sure no regional plans are approved before this review of the legislation is complete.

    The intent behind the legislation is sound – providing predictability and certainty for municipal authorities and Albertans that own or use land for business or enjoyment amongst competing and sometime conflicting demands.

    This legislation is not about, and will never be about, unfairly extinguishing anyone’s existing property rights or impairing any other licenses that Albertans depend on.

    – Ed Stelmach
    Premier of Alberta

  35. I attended a MLA Info Session in Thorhild on Jan 17/11. MLA Johnson had presentations from AltaLink/AESO, Minister Ray Danyluk and himself to support the 3 bills, 19, 36 and 50.

    The AltaLink representative discussed the justification for the various transmission lines, and confirmed they are seeking early approval for a nuclear facility in the northwest area of the province.

    Minister Danyluk DID acknowledge criticism of the wording of parts of the legislation, and took some notes as to rephrasing these. However, for the most part it was ‘sales and damage control’, with tight control of the message that was being sent out.

    For what it is worth, I can attest I have NOT been a PC supporter, and certainly am not one now.

  36. FOR what it’s worth – former Alberta Premier had requested approval from ALL provincial leaders that the Right to Own Property be part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – He never received that approval and he went on his own to fight the Charter in the English Courts for the Provinces right to their natural resources – and, on that one, he won. Further Saskatchewan Conservative MP Gary Breitkreuitz made three attempts in Parliament to have his Private Bill passed – to allow for the right of Canadian to own their property. It never passed.

  37. I stumbled upon this website –
    Read this:

    How Canada is owned

    All physical land in Canada is the property of the Crown, Queen Elisabeth 11. There is no provision in the Canada Act, or in the Constitution Act 1982 which amends it, for any Canadian to own any physical land in Canada. All that Canadians may hold, in conformity with medieval and feudal law, is “an interest in an estate in land in fee simple”. Land defined as ‘Crown land’ in Canada, and administered by the Federal Government and the Provinces, is merely land not ‘dedicated’ or assigned in freehold tenure. Freehold is tenure, not ownership. Freehold land is ‘held’ not ‘owned’.

    Do you still think you own land or property here? This country is such a joke.

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