It is really hard to find analysts, feeders and ranchers that are bearish on this cattle market. The industry as a whole is pretty bullish in comparison to prior years and especially in comparison to two years ago.  Everyone is bullish prices in 2011 but are they bullish margins and if they are not, should they.  Corn is surging higher but cattle prices have basically kept step.  I know that many of the ranchers and feeders I talk to are encouraged by the apparent opportunity to make money this year if you are savvy and timely.

In this weeks episode of the Beef Market Update, I talked to Anne Dunford at the Tiffin Conference in Lethbridge about the direction of the cattle market in 2011 and who is going to benefit most from it.


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One thought on “Beef Market Update – Are We Too Bullish in 2011? – Anne Dunford

  1. If the cow calf operations don’t get a lift this coming year there will be a further decrease in the cowherd and more grass will be broke up by people who think there is more money in tilling the land instead of leaving it where it should be “in grass”.

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