Canary Seed is not a high acre crop in Western Canada but it has been in the news lately. Mexico and Canada have been in a real trade dispute which prevented Canada exports to enter Mexico. Mexico is Canada’s largest buyer of canary seed which has created a real disruption to the crop. It is another example of zero tolerance of contaminants being a real problem in global trade. In this case it was a list of five or six quarantined weeds that are issues for Mexico. Recently Mexico has reopened the ability for trade but there are conditions for exporters.

At CropWeek 2011 I talked to the CEO of the Canadian Special Crops Association, Gordon Bacon who explained the resumption of trade and what will be the next steps for Canadian canary seed exporters and farmers.


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One thought on “Canada Resumes Exports of Canary Seed to Mexico – Gordon Bacon, Pulse Canada

  1. As if federal import and export regulations was not complex enough, every year there
    are hundreds of pieces of legislation passed that
    change how our customs and border operations are handled.
    Shipping freight across the border can loads as little as a single standard pallet (48″ L x 40″ W x 48.

    The beauty of the flowers do not deceive CBP agriculture specialists, they know
    that they may carry dangerous pests and diseases capable of
    causing serious damage to agriculture products.

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