David Phillips Gives His Spring Forecast For Eastern and Western Canada

Last year proved to be a very interesting year for weather.  Eastern Canada had probably one of the most ideal growing seasons in history.  Western Canada suffered from the problems of dealing with heavy moisture and even drought in Northern Alberta.  I have been at several farm shows across the country this month and weather is the topic on the minds of many farmers.  I think that the level of interest is even higher this winter because of the extremes that we experienced last year.

Ontario cannot expect the same summer as last year and Western Canadian farmers are praying that they are not in for the same mess as 2010.

At the Tiffin Conference in Lethbridge I talked to David Phillips, Environment Canada about his weather forecast for Western and Eastern Canada. We separated the video into a Western and Eastern segments depending on your location and area of interest.

If you cannot see the below embedded video of David Phillip’s Western Canada Spring Forecast, Click here

If you cannot see the below embedded video of David Phillip’s Eastern Canada Spring Forecast, click here


Shaun Haney

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I put absolutely no trust in any prediction made by Philips–he predicted the winter of 2014-15 would be far milder than 2013-14 and that was absolutely wrong—now he’s saying the upcoming winter 2015-16 will be “tropical” compared to the last two years—-why is this clown allowed to keep making predictions-and what makes him this “weather guru” anyway—–if you want an accurate weather prediction just take Philips prediction and expect that absolute opposite


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