There is growing focus on using agronomic practices to improve the in field performance of our crops. One way to do this is through agronomic research within your region or you can look at some of the agronomic practices of other regions of the world.  One are area of the world that achieves excellent wheat yields is Europe.

At the SouthWest Agricultural Conference in Ridgetown Ontario, Peter Johnson,  OMAFRA discussed the possibility of a 20 bushel increase to our wheat yields in Ontario through the use of some European agronomic tact.


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One thought on “Peter Johnson, OMAFRA Sees Some Benefits in European Production Practices to Get 20 Bushels More

  1. FP Genetics is a producer owned seed company based in Regina with shareholders in Sask., AB., MB., and Ont. We presently have approx. 137 shareholders all producers.
    We represent seed genetics in wheat, barley, oats, flax and some pea varieties as well as canola.
    I would like more information on Peter Johnson’s findings and possibly contact Peter to see if he would be interested in speaking at one of our meetings.

    Doug Grandel
    [email protected]

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