Steve Denys, Pride Seeds Discusses Growing Corn in 2011

I was in a meeting today and an Ontario farmer said that its not hard for corn seed retailers to corn seed this year. Corn is in an intense battle for acres with soybeans across North America and Ontario is no different. With corn being a profitable cropping choice for farmers in 2011 it is time to make sure that you get the highest yield you can to maximize revenue per acre during this bullish period. Some farmers take the opposite tact and get lazy because prices are good.

At the Southwest Agricultural Conference in Ridgetown, Ontario I talked to Steve Denys from Pride Seeds about what he sees as some of the key corn growing fundamentals for the 2011 season in this profitable growing environment. Steve is insightful because obviously he works at Pride Seeds but he also farm himself which gives him the on farm perspective.


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Shaun Haney

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