The Three Ways to Sell at the Top of the Market – Victor Aideyan

We have covered the issue of market volatility often on Even with the knowledge that volatility is a new-normal, some farmers still try and aggressively sell at the top of the market to derive the highest returns possible.

At the Southwest Agricultural Conference in Ridgetown, I spoke with Victor Aideyan, HISGRAIN Commodities Inc. about the three ways in his mind someone can achieve hitting the top of the market. What probably won’t surprise you is that his three ways are not very high percentage and involve a little humour. The better question for producers is why do we still manage our marketing in an attempt to hit the top of the market, knowing that our success probability is so low? I know that all farmers do not manage their marketing with this top of the market idea in mind but from my conversations with many producers it is a fabric of the industry. Don’t feel to bad its also very prevalent in the equity markets as well.


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Shaun Haney

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