Neil Gripper, Elanco Discusses Food Economics and the Power of Choice .

With the global population expected to grow to 9 billion in a short period of time, the role of technology in feeding the world is debated at many conferences worldwide. Technology must play a role in the future of food or the battle versus hunger is going to be a very scary proposition. Food economics is a very interesting subject simply because the challenge is so great for the modernized world.

The distribution of food has been at the root of the recent rebellions in the middle east. With the a fruit vendor lighting himself on fire because his food scale was confiscated by the government, the ability to access food and produce enough should be a real concern.  The challenge is real and technology has a key role to help produce enough safe food for the growing demand of the consumer.

At the NCBA 2011 meeting I talked about food economics with Neil Gripper, Director of Marketing US Beef Brands, Elanco Animal Health. Neil speaks regularly about the growing demand for food and the role that technology must play in ensuring supply is up to the challenge.


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5 thoughts on “Neil Gripper, Elanco Discusses Food Economics and the Power of Choice .

  1. the use of food crops for ethanol will have to cease if you want to lower the price of’s are fine if you are not crossing species that are not related. There are millions of acres that could be put into production but not nessecarily high tech. You have to look after the biology in the soil or you only have a medium to hold the crops you grow with you putting in all the high price inputs!!!!!!!! Helps JD, Agrium, Monanto, Better buy shares!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the comments Wayne. It appears that the corn ethanol program is a real priority in the US and will not be vanishing in the short term. Do you think we can feed the world and and use corn for ethanol at the same time.

  2. I recall being in a meeting several years ago when Doug Horner first became minister of agriculture. One of the points he made was that the Americans were under international pressure to reduce their subsidies to agriculture. He explained that they were begining to subsidize clean biofuels – ethanol made from corn and energy self sufficiency. This would reduce the corn carry over inventory and drive up the price and put more money in the pockets of farmers thus reducing the need for ag. subsidies.

  3. We have been fed the line that “we” have to feed the world when in reality “we” are a drop in the bucket. There are millons of acres that could be put into production in the USA, Brazil and others. We have to specialize in some area?, because we can not compete in the commodity market on price.

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