Claire Cowan Reviews the GFO March Classic 2011

The Grain Farmers of Ontario held their March Classic conference early this week with a sense of cautious optimism. Most Ontario growers had a great 2010, but echoes of the 2008 season are still lingering with the volatility of commodity prices and the weather situation very much in play. All in all the mood was still a good one. That mood was reflected in an entertaining speaker line up. The National’s, Peter Mansbridge spoke about the positive view of Canadians abroad and also offered his insight on how to raise the profile of the Canadian farmer. Kevin O’Leary of Dragons Den and Shark Tank fame was there as well reaffirming to everyone in attendance that “YES” it is a good time to grow grain. He also talked about environmental responsibility and the ability to make it profitable.


The GFO itself offered the Wheat Challenge and the Spring Wheat Challenge to push more of those crops into the acres currently occupied by corn and soybeans. Politicians were in attendance as well. The Honorable Carol Mitchell, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was there. There was also a presentation by Tim Hudak, the Ontario PC Leader. Claire Cowan, the Communications Coordinator for the Grain Farmers of Ontario provided us with a summary of the high points of the meeting in discussion with Shaun Haney.

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Shaun Haney

Shaun grew up on a family seed farm in Southern Alberta. Haney Farms produces, conditions and retails wheat, barley, canola and corn seed. Shaun Haney is the founder of @shaunhaney


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