Episode 1 - AgMedia Roundtable - Lyndsey Smith and Claire Cowan

This is a new segment on RealAgriculture.com that we are hoping you like because it is going to be a lot of fun for us to make and you to view.  Based on the way that agricultural media has been cut back on TV and radio, many farmers do not have a “real person” understanding of their favourite agriculture writers.

The Ag Media round table will discuss what is happening in Canadian agriculture from the perspective of the different ag media that we invite to join us.

In this first episode we are joined by Lyndsey Smith, Editor of Grainews and Claire Cowan, Editor of the Ontario Grain Farmer.

We discuss potential dates for the start of seeding and planting, how agriculture might impact the 2011 Canadian Federal Election and how farmers can tell the story of ag more clearly.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 1 – AgMedia Roundtable – Lyndsey Smith and Claire Cowan

  1. Hi Sean – I thoroughly enjoyed the first AgMedia roundtable. I wanted to touch on the question you asked about how to link the need for government investment in plant breeding and urban voters.

    To my mind, ag producers really must talk about what they do in terms of providing healthy and abundant food for Canadians. We need to link millions of canola acres to healthy oil, available right here in our grocery stores. Why not talk about the bounty of fruit and vegetables and corn and soybeans grown in Ontario as a direct result of public or public-private discovery in new plant and crop varieties. Why not celebrate that Canadian wheat produces delicious bread and pasta.

    Healthy food is produced from the best plant varieties and we are fortunate to have them in abundance here in Canada – long winters notwithstanding. Farmers should stand up with pride on what they manage to produce from almost nothing – tiny seeds – and the hours of care and hard work it takes to get fantastic food to the table. Let’s pick up those pom-poms you spoke about and rally around continued research in our good health through investment in future crop development!

    Just a thought,

    Jill Maase
    PARA Public and Regulatory Affairs Inc.

  2. We have a perfect example of how ag issues can appeale to the urban voter–CANOLA. Plant breeding through the use of biotechnology has produced the most healthy oil on the market Omega 9 oil.
    What might be next, more vitamin A in corn, higher concentration of lycopenes, plant produced antibiotics, biofortification ie additional zinc, manganese and copper only to name a few.

    What am I writing to my MP about–happens to be Harper so he will probably never even see it ooo cynical me!
    1 long term commetment to Ag research a minimum of 10 years –plant breeding to include forages as well as cultivated crops.
    2 remove the monopoly of the CWB
    3 need for a long term Ag stability programs — flood response / natural disasters included.

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