Organic Certification in Canada Needs to Change - Mischa Popoff

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There are extreme challenges in the grocery store in trying to decipher all the labelling, marketing and propaganda.  With the current rise in food prices there has been an increased coverage of what food costs in the mainstream media.  Some of the most expensive food that is on store shelves is organic food or products.  The question that author Mischa Popoff raises is, whether organic food is really organic in many cases.  Mischa believes that the organic certification process needs to change if we are going to be fully honest with consumers. first talked to Mischa back in the fall of 2010 where he strongly criticized the organic certification process in Canada.  Mischa’s claim is that the organic approval process is nothing more than a test of completing paperwork and being ready for pre-announced audits.  Mischa contends that increased testing procedures must be put in place to better monitor and audit organic producers or the farce of organics will continue to mislead consumers. talked to Mischa Popoff at the Tiffin Conference in Lethbridge, AB.

3 thoughts on “Organic Certification in Canada Needs to Change – Mischa Popoff

  1. I won’t reiterate the list of ways that Mr. Popoff is misinformed and deliberately misleading about the organic certification process, but please follow the link to the video on YouTube (in the lower right-hand corner of the screenshot) to learn some of the real facts.

  2. Being a certified organic producer myself, Mischa is absolutely correct. If it’s worth doing it’s worth measuring, not just guessing or hoping it’s all ok.

  3. I have often wondered about organic production if a person could put much higher than labelled rates of a residual, soil applied herbicide on a field, wait 3 years and then start organic production still with that chemical controlling weeds. The same can be asked about sulfur or phosphate. Even ESN with a very heavy coating could be used. Throw down a couple hundred pounds of 11-52, and an overly high rate of Edge, pursuit, avadex, authority, ally or treflan -grow a tolerant crop for a few years as conventional production, and then miraculously it becomes organic even though everything is the same in the soil!

    There are many herbicides with cropping restrictions longer than 3 years when used at high rates -how is organic food organic when these residues can still theoretically be in the soil when organic production starts? Or does the all the paperwork neutralize the chemicals???

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