The Future of Water Management in Alberta with Roger Holm

As kids we used to laugh about people who bought bottled water. Who would pay for water! How about every nation on the planet. We need water on just about every level imaginable. It is a commodity that affects all other commodities. Droughts hurt crops, poor crops hurt supplies, demand for those supplies, in the instance of food, is ever increasing. Prices spike when those supplies tighten. Businesses use water in processing. Oil companies use it for drilling. On and on the list goes. Water is valuable!

With such a high demand for this resource, management of water is incredibly important. In Alberta, water management is a process that involves the complex balancing of a multitude of micro systems. The demands of big industry and a growing population coupled with a large agricultural base bring complex challenges to our province. Our water supply itself fluctuates from region to region depending on the weather. We need infrastructure to help address that problem. Developing infrastructure takes a lot of money and a lot of forethought. Those are just some of the issues facing our province. I talked to Roger Hohm of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development at the Tiffin Conference in Lethbridge about some of the issues in water management.

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Shaun Haney

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