Wheat School: Wheat is the Next Frontier – Rob Hannam

Wheat is a crop that is grown around the world.  There is a harvest somewhere in the world every month of the year.  The winds of change have been blowing in the wheat industry with the influx of new breeding and trait development capital from the private sector.  Many insiders are expecting changes to the wheat industry but actual realities are still fantasies and speculation.

Recently Rob Hannam wrote in his client newsletter that wheat is the next frontier.  Wheat is a major crop globally that has begun to lack competitiveness versus soybeans and corn.  With demand increasing globally and acres being threatened, wheat has some opportunities and challenges.  You will hear in Rob’s discussion that the opportunities are real and leave farmers reason to be optimistic about the future.  If Canada can get its act together the opportunities are huge for growers, processors and customers of Canadian wheat.

If you cannot see the below interview with Rob Hannam, discussing the future of wheat, click here


Shaun Haney

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