It is maybe the most unpopular election in the history of Canada but elections provide opportunities. For groups or industries trying to get their message communicated to politicians and the general public, elections provide the opportunity to make quick progress.

Will agriculture even make the debates? If agriculture does get discussed, what will be the topics? What should the topics be?

I talked to Richard Phillips, Executive Director of the Grain Growers of Canada about the May 2, 2011 election and where agriculture might fit into the overall campaigning discussion.

If you cannot see the embedded video interview with Richard Phillips, click here

One thought on “Where Does Agriculture Fit Into the 2011 Federal Election – Richard Phillips

  1. With only 3% of the population directly engaged in Agriculture, it is VERY important for a few to be VERY vocal. It would be great to see Ag folks up at the mike during elections debates and Q&A sessions.

    Research is a common thread, especially in light of the world being skittish about global food supplies.

    We should be asking more questions about where the candidates stand on the EU trade discussions.

    This is also a good chance to ask questions about both domestic and international grain trade access by farmers.

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