Kevin Grier Comments On The Calgary XL Foods Planting Shutting Down

When the media talks about profitability in the cattle business most times we talk about ranchers and feedyard owners. The other part of the beef value chain that cannot be forgotten is the cattle packer. Packers have not had a real great run as of late which has meant four day kill weeks.  As we have discussed in the Beef Market Update, packers don’t cut kill days because they are making too much money.

XL Foods has announced that it is closing its plant down due to low cow supply.  XL Foods Co-CEO Brian Nilsson was quoted in the Calgary Herald by saying,

“We regret that we have had to take such extreme action, but the significant changes in the supply of mature cattle and the global competitive landscape have not allowed the facilities to operate at or near capacity,”


I spoke with Kevin Grier from the George Morris Center to get his thoughts on the XL Foods Calgary plant closure.  We discussed the following:

  1. Is he surprised by the closure?
  2. Should producers be concerned?
  3. Is there more closures and dark days to come?
  4. Will the plant be re-opening in the fall?


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Shaun Haney

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Why is the government pumping millions into Cargil and Lakeside when they would not help Ranchers Beef get up and running so they could target special markets?

Shaun Haney

It would seem that the government is not interested in niche markets and is more focused on the mainstream commodity market. My guess is that this is the case because it impacts more producers at once.


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