Lentil Market Outlook for 2011 – Brian Clancey- STAT Publishing

In the last few years, lentil acres in Canada were on the rise. Farmers across the country planted just over 2.5 million acres of the crop last year. That being said, the expectation this year is that lentil acres will be down about 25% according to some analysts. Apparently, as good as the price for lentils is, the income potential for other crops is that much better. Another factor for the decline in acres is the decrease in exports to countries like India, who had a good winter crop of their own. That drop in demand, added to already good supply and the fact that crops like corn and wheat are doing so well globally means there is just no compelling reason for farmers to stay with lentils.  This is a definite change in comparison to last year, where lentils were the crop to grow in certain regions of the west.

Brian Clancey is the President of STAT Publishing, an ag commodity market information service. We spoke to him about the current state of the lentil market.  We asked Brian:

  • How far will lentil acres drop in 2011
  • What is the expected trading range of lentils in 2011
  • Can we expect export demand for lentils to strengthen
  • With the expected profitability of lentils in 2011, why are more people not talking about lentils

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Shaun Haney

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dale heenan

with 2 wet years,the previous to that above ave., we prob have a drier than ave winter. it has already started that way. remember fall 79 ? 17 that is. with a drier year i predict lentils as the crop togrow.!! the south east will have to plant durum or canola . take your pic,flip a coin. lentil growers can not kill slough or dock weed in lentils. remember the regina plains only grows mustard and wildoats as well as “dock”!!:.


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