Ontario Planting Update with Jarod Jackson, Jackson Seed Service

Ontario may not have had the spring snow that Alberta had, but most farmers aren’t in the fields just yet. Last years ideal conditions and big yields are still playing in the minds of farmers anxious to get in the fields. Honestly, it’s only mid April, but memories of that peak season do tend to influence your temperment when it comes time to seed. This spring has been cooler and wetter than the previous one. The only farmers out there so far are those in lighter soils growing sugar beets or carrots. There’s been no real movement on corn or soybeans in spite of the large number of corn acres to be planted.
The one crop that can take farmers minds off of not being in the fields yet is winter wheat. At a glance, crops look great, and barring any type of bad weather situation, yields could be on par or better than last year.
Jarod Jackson operates Jackson Seed Service based out of Dresden, Ontario. I asked him about what’s happening in his area and what this season is starting to look like.

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Shaun Haney

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Philip Shaw

Always like to hear from Jarod….cool wetness this early spring, so different than 2010. It’s hard for guys chomping on the bit to get out there….

Lindsey Sutherland

Great update from the Jackson Seeds gang. Always good to hear what’s going on in other farming communities across Canada. – Edmonton, Alberta


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