The Eastern Canada Spring 2011 Forecast – Drew Lerner

Weather forecasting is a tricky business. It’s also a good news, bad news business. Drew Lerner is the perfect fit for that business. He’s very good at predicting weather patterns, and he’s such a nice guy that it helps take the edge off of any of the bad news. Drew Lerner owns and operates World Weather Inc., a weather information service based out of Topeka, Kansas. He has developed quite a loyal following over the past while based on the accuracy of his forecasts.

With last year being so good, it’s a bit of a tough act to follow. Spring is later than usual this year, and some early spring storms have dumped a fair amount of moisture around parts of Ontario. Cool and wet conditions have kept most farmers from planting as early as they did last year, but last years yields have farmers ready to get into the fields.
I talked to Drew about what farmers can expect this spring and summer, as well as when farmers should get into the fields.


Shaun Haney

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