For a lot of farmers marketing wheat can be a lot like playing “Let’s Make a Deal”. You pick what’s behind door number one and hope it’s better than what’s behind doors two and three. It’s guesswork and a lot of luck. For other farmers, it feels like you’re preparing to write a thesis, with the perception of going through mountains of data to ensure you’re selling at the right time. The truth is that you CAN boil it down to something relatively easy to understand and less intimidating than the terms “Bear” and “Bull” would lead you to believe.

In-depth market analysis is something best left to the experts, but it’s not totally inaccessible to the Canadian farmer. There are common factors that can be looked at to make smart decisions when marketing wheat. John DePutter (See more discussions with John Deputter) is a market analyst who owns DePutter Publishing. John has provided a system to assist farmers in making what can be at times nerve racking decisions. I spoke to John about his seven steps to successful marketing.

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